Spiritual Director, what do you do?

The number one question I am asked as a Spiritual Director is “So what do you do?” I usually tell them I am a spiritual director, or a companion, or maybe even a guide. I sit with my clients and listen deeply to their concerns and questions. Then people say, “Oh, so you’re a therapist or a counselor.” No, not really, I reply. I’m definitely NOT a licensed therapist or a licensed counselor.

I’m a Certified Spiritual Director. I have studied spiritual masters and colleagues and over the course of two years. Then I spent a year offering supervised spiritual direction. My qualifications allow me to sit with a client, and listen deeply to help the client discern where the Divine is showing up in their life. I don’t advise the clients on what to do. That work is done between the Divine, or Spirit, and the client. I merely provide a safe space for the directee to sit, talk and express whatever they need to express at the time of our meeting.

Few people allow themselves the time and the space to consider how their life is going regarding their soul or spirit. I provide this. If I feel led by the Spirit to offer any words on another way to see the situation the client is describing then I do that. I don’t spend my energy in a session thinking up what to say or how to solve an issue. My energy is spent listening both to the client and the Spirit. If the Spirit gives me words, great, if not, that’s great too. It is healing to be both deeply heard and seen. That is what I can guarantee for a client will happen in a session. That’s what I am honored and privileged to do.



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