Spiritual vs. Religious

Have you heard the phrase “I’m spiritual, not religious”? I hear it a lot in my line of work, as a Spiritual Director or Spiritual Counselor. I’ve even been asked about the difference between the two, being spiritual or being religious, and here is how they are different. Religion is a way we humans have […]

Spiritual Director, what do you do?

The number one question I am asked as a Spiritual Director is “So what do you do?” I usually tell them I am a spiritual director, or a companion, or maybe even a guide. I sit with my clients and listen deeply to their concerns and questions. Then people say, “Oh, so you’re a therapist […]

Staying Power: Survival of Christians in the Holy Land

This is an excerpt from “Staying Power: Survival of Christians in the Holy Land” by Stacey Atkins, MTS. The entire document discusses the issues of Christians living in the Holy Land. Below is an excerpt that addresses the various resolutions that have been passed by the United Nations (UN) regarding Palestine and Israel. United Nations […]