In-Person or Virtual Sessions

stacey atkins spiritual counselor Grand JunctionSpiritual Direction or Spiritual Counseling can take place via an in-person session of 60 minutes or in a virtual session using Zoom. The cost is the same although the experience can be different. Yet, virtual sessions offer additional flexibility and it is sometimes easier to schedule. The choice is yours, based on what will work best for you, including combining the two methods of meeting.

A typical session cost may vary depending on the conditions and if travel is involved. A basic 60-minute spiritual direction session costs $100.00, similar to other counseling sessions. If travel or overnight stay is involved, the additional costs can be agreed upon in advance. We can also work on a sliding cost scale in some situations.

Everything said during a session is held in confidence like other helping professions.

Stacey Atkins is a member of Spiritual Director’s International and specializes in helping those who are suffering from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and their caregivers.