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Getting Involved

Getting involved could be as simple as volunteering to help out the staff of Something Different Ministries, reaching out, spreading the Word, stuffing envelopes, posting on social media or sponsoring a fund raiser. Check out our events calendar for workdays, retreats, trips and fund raisers.


Giving can be a donation of cash, an in kind donation, giving of time and talents or a gift from an estate. Whatever you give will go to spreading God's Word, growing the Spiritual nature of others, doing mission work and more.


Come join us on one of our trips of service , mission, spiritual growth or voluntourism. We host trips to the Holy Land, mission trips to South America, Africa and many other locations. Join us for a spiritual retreat in your local area, the North Georgia Mountains, the Texas Hill Country, Taos New Mexico  or the British Virgin Islands.

Let's Talk

Want to get a cup of coffee sometime? We would love to hear from you by email, social media, video chat, letter or in person. Relationships are the key to a life of peace and love.

Spreading the Good News by creating good news.