What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that has been passed down through the generations by indigenous peoples, not a religion. Shamans can be found in indigenous cultures all over the world, from Siberia to Australia, and from South America to Alaska. Even though many of these cultures never crossed paths the elements of Shamanism are surprisingly similar. Shamanism is often misunderstood as a type of witchcraft when in actuality Shamanism works in concert with one’s belief system, whether Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Judaism, or any other religion. The practice that all Shamans have in common is that of Shamanic Journeying.

Shamanic journeying is a spiritual healing technique that Shamans use to help their clients. The Shaman enters a trance-like state of consciousness to commune with the spirits in non-ordinary reality to learn how to best care for their clients. Non-ordinary reality is a spiritual realm that all people can access but most do not. A Shaman has been trained on how to set aside a normal reality or presence and navigate into the spiritual realm.  Shamans are adept at journeying to non-ordinary reality on behalf of clients to heal them of soul wounds. Clients are made aware that their healing comes in many forms and an illness may not go away but the soul is healed. It is the client’s job, with the help of the practitioner, to integrate the healing that has been done in non-ordinary reality into their ordinary reality. Integration can take place over days to months after the healing has been completed.

Shamanism is a mode of healing using ancient spiritual practices that can be coupled with any belief system. Shamanism is seeing a rise in practice as more people seek to get in touch with their spiritual nature. Thus, it is becoming popular as people understand the value and role of a Shaman.

In a session, the client only has to be clean (free of alcohol and drugs 24 hours prior to and during the session). The client will lie down next to the practitioner and relax, being open to the process.

This can also be done over distance at an agreed-upon time. Nothing else is required of a client. The practitioner will journey to non-ordinary reality, with the help of drumming, to find the soul parts of the client. The drumming changes the brain waves that allow the practitioner to enter a trance-like state.

At the end of the session, the practitioner will talk with the client, explaining what happened during the journey. Sometimes this resonates perfectly for the client, other times the client may not understand what happened, but either way, the healing is accomplished.

It is ok to be skeptical! I am offering 30-minute sessions free of charge so you can see for yourself what a session is like. Feel free to reach out to me with questions and to schedule a session.