Spiritual Direction

Stacey Atkins Spiritual Director

Spiritual Director Stacey Atkins MTS

Stacey Atkins,
MTS & Spiritual Director

Spiritual direction, also known as spiritual companionship, or spiritual friendship is really not direction from a director. The actual “direction” comes from the Holy Spirit. The purpose is to become closer to God, to become one with God. This does not mean we become God. It means that we become more aware of God working in our life leading to more “God moments” throughout our spiritual journey.

A Spiritual Director holds the space for the directee to look at their life and discern where God shows up. Sometimes it is obvious for the directee to find God working for them; other times it is not so obvious. The Director listens deeply to the Directee while also staying completely open to the Holy Spirit to help the Directee discern God’s movement in their life.

Spiritual Directors may teach some spiritual practices that may help directees become more attuned to the Divine. Spiritual practices can help us focus more on God and less on the influences of the “world.”

A session with a Spiritual Director usually happens once a month and lasts an hour. The session is generally opened in a way that delineates that time as sacred. The Directee chooses how to do that, whether the Director or the Directee opens with a prayer, a few moments of silence or maybe just 3 deep breaths; anything that brings them to a place of quiet and presence with the Divine is perfect.

connect wiht God through Spiritual Direction with Stacey AtkinsNext, the Spiritual Director often asks a question to lead the Directee to consider where they have seen God move in their life over the past month. All answers to that question are correct, even if the answer is “I haven’t seen God at all!” That is a starting point. The conversation takes on its own life from there, while the Director is in constant silent conversation with the Holy Spirit asking for what the Directee needs at that time. This is where the “pray without ceasing” is manifested as a Director. The Director is just a conduit, Holy Spirit drives the conversation.

The session ends much the same way as it began; the Directee chooses how they would like to close out the time. It could be a prayer of thankfulness, or more silence, anything that brings the time to a close and prepares the Directee to go on about their day.

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