Sacred travel is a fundamental part of the ministry at Something Different Ministries. When you travel away from your home and work, you get a chance to look at yourself and others in a new light. The places we visit are such that you will experience new ways of worship, different cultures, new songs, and new prayers all designed to help you grow in your faith.

No, we are not trying to change your religion or beliefs; just the opposite is the case, as our goal is to help you strengthen your relationship with the Divine, your local church or worship center. Yet, by learning from others, by praying or sitting with them or by worshiping together, we learn a great deal about ourselves, the people of God, the Holy Spirit or the Divine Creator.

Christ at the Checkpoint Tour 2020

Stacey Atkins MTS, J.R. Atkins MDiv

9-Day Trip: Tour of the Holy Land and Christ at the Checkpoint Conference

Join Stacey and J.R. Atkins as they lead a group of graduate students and adults through a 7-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land culminating in a 4-day conference in Bethlehem called Christ at the Checkpoint.—May 28,  to June 10, 2020, Originating and returning to Atlanta, GA.

For more information and to RSVP go to Christ at the Checkpoint 2020 from ATL