Stacey Atkins MTS outlines UN Resolutions regarding Israel and Palestine

Important U.N. Resolutions Regarding Israel and Palestine by Stacey Atkins MTS

This is an excerpt from “Staying Power: Survival of Christians in the Holy Land” by Stacey Atkins, MTS. The entire document discusses the issues Christians living in the Holy Land. Below is an excerpt the address the various resolutions that have been passed by the United nations (UN) regarding Palestine and Israel. United Nations Resolutions […]

Somehting Different Ministries look at The Identity Crisis Under the Ink

Are american seeking to identify themselves with body art?

I saw an article in “The Atlantic” that asked the question “Americans ,particularly Millennials, are getting more tattoos than ever. Is a shifting, increasingly uncertain culture to blame?” and that lead me to think how religion and faith are reflected in tattoo art. I see crosses, pictures of Jesus, of Mary and other religious symbolism […]

Something Different Ministries looks at 60 minutes

Christians of the Holy Land by 60 Minutes

The clip below was aired on 60 Minutes, by Bob Simon.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Six Things I Believe by Lynne Hybels

I spoke to Lynne Hybels today after hearing her speak at the “Walking with Palestinian Christians” Conference and she suggested I share her article with our blog readers. You can find here blog at: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Six Things I Believe Posted on December 8, 2013 by Lynne Hybels This paper was presented to a gathering of Palestinian […]

J.R. & Stacey plan to attend

Walking with Palestinian Christians for Holy Justice and Peace

Did you even know that there is such a thing as Palestinian Christians? Well, there are. They are crying out for our help. But, their stories don’t make Headline News, or any other news for that matter. Unfortunately, all that is reported by the media is designed to make us watch the news, to be […]

Stacey & J.R. Atkins to attend the Academy for Spiritual Formation

Preparing for the first session of the Academy for Spiritual Formation

It’s July 1st and J.R. and I are busy preparing for the first session of the Academy for Spiritual Formation. Maybe I’d better tell you what the Academy for Spiritual Formation is before I go much further in our discussion. It is a two year program of study covering various subjects all focusing on different […]

Something Different Ministries resources

Millennial Research: 5 Impactful Findings

Many organizations from public corporation to churches to non-profits are striving to understand and engage with Millennials. In the article below from offers insights and suggestion you may find helpful. See the original article by clicking here.   Young adults are tech-savvy, politically independent, optimistic and racially diverse, according to new, comprehensive research about the millennial […]

Something Different Ministries founders Stacey & J.R. Atkins

Why Something Different Ministries?

January 24, 2014 Something Different Ministries Spreading the Good News by creating good news. For months now my husband and I have been praying for guidance from God for our mission for the next 50 years of our lives. Since finishing my Masters of Theological Studies in May of 2012,  I have felt very uncomfortable […]

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