Something Different Ministries is a non-profit, para-church organization dedicated to adult spiritual growth and travel to sacred locations. We work with groups to provide workshops, book studies, studies of spiritual disciplines, and tours to sacred places such as the Holy Land, Iona, cathedrals, or wonders of nature. Here are a few examples of our programs:

J.R. Atkins relys on his Bible & Journal for guidance

Bible & Reflection at the Sea of Galilee

  • 24 Hours that Changed the World: a 7 week series based on the book by Adam Hamilton
  • The Legacy of Paul: a 10-week study of Paul, his writings, his mission, and his legacy
  • Holy Land Study: a 6-week study to prepare travelers for their trip to the Holy Land
  • Local Spiritual Growth: A look at Spiritual Growth options in your local area.
  • 3 Major Religions of the World: A look at Islam, Judaism and Christianity
  • Studies of the Desert Fathers and Mothers
  • Palestine & Israel today: A look at the¬†issues facing the people of Israel & Palestine
  • Spiritual Disciplines: Discerning where God or the Divine is working in your life

In addition to our ministry work with churches, we also offer programs for individuals such as home studies, coffee shop visits or group meetings.

Our third area of interest is non-church programs. Many people are seeking spiritual growth outside the confines of organized religion; our programs and services strive to meet the needs of these groups and individuals.

If you have questions or are interested in what you see here, reach out to us in one of the following ways:

Phone: 469-408-0242

Email: Stacey@SomethingDifferentMinistries.org

Website: https://somethingdifferentministries.org/contact-us-page/

Social Media: www.Facebook.com/Something-Different-Ministries