Week 3 – That Went Fast!

As I complete my 3rd of 10 weeks in Isreal and Palestine this summer, I’m finally settled in enough to compose another blog about my experience.

My accommodations are nice, a small rooftop apartment in Beit Jala, next to Bethlehem. Although there is no air-conditioning, a fan and the cool nights make it acceptable for sleep. The internet in the apartment is hit and miss so I make a point of connecting where ever I go. I now know the wifi passcode for the local restaurants within walking distance of my home. Yesterday, I received a lesson in “Water for the home.” The building I live in is four stories with a total of 6 adults and 3 children. We ran out of water, so the owner had to call for a truck to deliver water to partially refill the cistern. When the “city” water comes on, once every 20 days, he will refill the rest of the cistern. He also pumps water into the rooftop tanks to create water pressure. As a point of contrast, if one lives in anIsraelie city or settlement, they have plenty of water as their access to water is not restricted. Try and figure that one out.

My ministry work consists of three projects. (1) For the Methodist Laison Office in Jerusalem, I have been updating and adding to their website. Please check it out and feel free to share ideas. http://methodist-liaison.org/ (2) At the Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem my project is to develop and implement a plan for a US based church to deliver a turn-key Vacation Bible School program next summer. The goal is to model a VBS program then train the trainers over a 5 year period. (3) My project at the Tent of Nations is to develop a “Walking Tour” that helps visitors connect with the land and their faith. Imagin 10 station, each with a Bible verse and a plant description with the cultural significance. Along the way, I have picked up other small projects such as helping local businesses and NGO’s improve their online communication.

God is working in me and through me to connect with people of this region: Christians, Jews, and Muslims. I look forward to sharing more in the coming days.

Peace be with you.


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